RELEASE: Andy Gould on the lawsuit filed by the Biden Administration to stop HB2492

July 6th, 2022

Arizona Attorney General Candidate, Andy Gould, on the lawsuit filed by the Biden Administration to stop HB2492

The Biden Administration has now filed a lawsuit against Arizona to stop enforcement of HB2492. This lawsuit is yet another example of the Biden Administration’s efforts to establish Federal control over our state elections. We cannot allow non-citizens of the United States to vote in our elections, and it is our state’s right to ensure that they don’t. HB2492 is a carefully crafted statute that simply applies Arizona’s existing law requiring proof of citizenship to Presidential elections.

In light of the massive irregularities discovered during the 2020 Presidential election, proof of citizenship is the least controversial of all election reforms. Our Legislature simply affirmed that Arizona voters MUST be U.S. citizens. The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held that substantial regulation of elections is Constitutional, and that states have considerable leeway in protecting the integrity of the elections process. Requiring proof of citizenship to vote is a neutral, reasonable, non-discriminatory restriction that operates to exclude one group: non-citizens.

Non-citizens have NEVER had a right to vote under the Constitution. It is absurd for the Biden Administration to argue that HB2492 takes away the right to vote from anyone.