FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 7, 2021) — Former Arizona Senator and Member of Congress Jon Kyl today endorsed Andy Gould for Arizona Attorney General. Citing Gould’s years of experience in his career as a prosecutor and judge, Senator Kyl believes Andy will serve Arizona well and uphold the rule of law.

He writes the following statement in support of Gould’s candidacy:

“It is rare when a public servant offers himself for further service after a full career. Yet, that is what Judge Andy Gould is doing by running for Arizona Attorney General.

Andy served as an assistant County Attorney in Maricopa and Yuma counties, as a Superior Court Judge elected by the people of Yuma County, as a Judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals and, finally, as a Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

In these positions, Andy has dealt with just about every kind of legal issue imaginable and helped oversee large numbers of lawyers and support personnel. All of this has prepared him for the job of administering the “largest law firm” in Arizona, the office of Attorney General. And for representing the people of Arizona on matters ranging from consumer protection to support for border security; from advising government agencies on water law to prosecuting fraud. And much more.

Why do it?  Here is what Andy says: ‘Well, I’m still young enough to have some productive years, and it seems a shame not to apply what I have learned to the tough problems we face.  Our borders are not secure, we need to assure our voters their elections are fair, water use exceeds supply in many places, scam artists take advantage of seniors and other vulnerable Arizonans, and gangs and cartels are robbing Arizona youth of opportunities they deserve. So, yes, I feel called to continue to serve; and the best place I can do that now is as Arizona Attorney General.’

Even more than Andy’s experience, is the judgement and wisdom that have come from everything he has done. In these turbulent times, his judgement will serve us well.

This is why I support Judge Andy Gould for Attorney General of Arizona.”