RELEASE: Former Attorney General Robert Corbin Endorses Andy Gould for Arizona Attorney General

Will Serve as Honorary Chair of Gould Campaign

Former Arizona Attorney General Robert Corbin today officially endorsed Andy Gould in his campaign for Attorney General. Corbin was elected Arizona’s top law enforcement official in November 1978 and served as Attorney General until his retirement in 1991, holding that office longer than any other elected official in the history of Arizona.

“Andy Gould is exactly what Arizona needs now in an Attorney General. The experience, integrity and public service Andy brings to the table is impressive, and second to none. He has my unqualified endorsement.” Corbin said.

“Andy’s been a prosecutor and well-respected Judge in Yuma County. He has a stellar record of serving us as a Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court. And in countless situations, Andy has shown that he understands the importance of upholding the rule of law and the need to administer justice equally across the board no matter what the situation and who is involved. That’s how I led the office as Attorney General. Andy’s experience, commitment to good government, and deep understanding of and respect for the Constitution and laws of Arizona will serve us well,” Corbin added.

In response to Corbin’s endorsement, Gould spoke of his admiration of Corbin’s work as Arizona’s Attorney General.

“It’s quite an honor to me personally to have the support of Bob Corbin. I have long admired him and his incredible service to Arizona. When I think of what an Attorney General should be, and how the office should be run, Bob Corbin is the first person to come to mind. His respect for even-handed justice and his dedication to public service is well known and admired not only in Arizona, but across the country. Working closely in support of local law enforcement and committing himself to the health and welfare of our communities, Bob Corbin made Arizona a better place to live and to work. That’s exactly what I want to do as Arizona’s next Attorney General,” Gould said.