RELEASE: Andy Gould Statement Regarding Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 24, 2022) — “My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Ukraine. They are fighting to defend their homes and families from invaders. The inevitable loss of life is especially tragic because this war should have never happened.

President Biden, during his press conference today, showed a lack of preparation and recognition of the urgency of the situation. 

Despite his failure to deter Putin, he continues to project weakness with lackluster sanctions after the invasion already occurred. President Biden’s weak leadership and foreign policy failures emboldened Putin to act.

Biden seems to have trouble when it comes to borders. He’s neglected the national security crisis on our southern border throughout the entirety of his term, and he could not protect Ukraine’s eastern border either. It is shameful and a failure to the American people.”

Andrew Gould