Andy Gould

On The Issues


Andy is a staunch defender of the rights and liberties set forth in the United States and Arizona Constitutions. We should adhere to the words of the Constitution as written and be cautious in eroding the ideas that helped make this country great.

Border security

Arizonans are concerned about the border, and rightly so. As a prosecutor and judge in Yuma, Andy lived on the border for over 20 years and understands the challenges our state and country face there. 

For too long, Arizona has counted on the Federal government to protect the border. And with the Biden administration, the situation is getting worse. In short, when it comes to border security, Arizona is on its own.

There is a crisis at the border that threatens the safety of our state and nation in dangerous ways. We must, therefore, use state law to protect our communities. 

2nd Amendment

Our right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Andy is dedicated to protecting the fundamental right to bear arms and will fight any attempt to infringe on that right.


A staunch evangelical Christian, Andy is pro-life. 

Election Integrity

Andy believes we must be vigilant in enforcing Arizona’s election laws to prevent voter fraud and ensure election integrity. 

People are concerned about the fairness of our elections, and Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to address those concerns in order to restore faith in the democratic process. 

Big Tech Censorship

Too many Americans today are the victims of Cancel Culture, fearing self-expression and influenced to promote ideas and speech that conflict with their own sincerely held beliefs. 

That is not America. 

Andy has extensive experience in First Amendment cases, and he will fight to protect the Constitutional guarantee of free speech for all Arizonans. 


America has become politicized and divided, and it has affected the lives of all Americans. 

The job of the Attorney General is to protect the rights and liberties of Arizonans. The rule of law is a non-partisan issue that Andy believes should never be politicized.